Research on the Collection

The Center for Icon Studies welcomes new scholarship related to works in the Icon Museum and Study Center collection. Research on individual icons may be published online as non-peer-reviewed occasional papers or submitted to the editor of the Journal of Icon Studies for peer-review. For further information please contact Wendy Salmond.


Inscriptions on the Icon of the Descent into Hell and the Resurrection of Christ with the Story of the Good Thief (R2011.90)
Daniel E. Collins and Raoul N. Smith

Observations on some lexical and paleographic features of an inscription on Icon R2007.46, “Mother of God, In thee rejoiceth” (R2007.46), by Raoul N. Smith

The Ladder of Divine Ascent—A Codex and an Icon (R2008.37), by Raoul N. Smith

The Holy Archangel Michael and Scenes of His Deeds A Contemporary Icon (2010) by Alyona Knyazeva (R2010.55), by Raoul N. Smith

The Icon of Saint Xenia, the Holy Fool (R2011.44), by Dennis J. Sardella

The Stroganov Mineia Icons (R2014.1.1, R2014.1.2, R2014.1.3, R2014.1.4, R2014.1.5, R2014.1.6, R2014.1.7, R2014.1.8, R2014.1.9, R2013.44), by Raoul Smith

Theotokos of the Unburnt Bush: An Interpretation (R2012.81), by Dennis J. Sardella

Icon of the Last Judgment: A Detailed Analysis (R2006.13), by Boris K. Knorr

The Icon of the Pochayiv Mother of God: A Sacred Relic Between East and West, by Franklin Sciacca

Stroganov Minyeias