Privacy Policy

The Icon Museum and Study Center is committed to protecting the privacy of our online guests, visitors, members, and donors. Our privacy policy describes how we collect and use information through our website. We believe that informing users about the types of information we collect and how we use that information is crucial to our mission. You can read our full privacy policy here.

Photo Policy

Please feel free to use and share images from our website.

Taking photographs of our permanent collection for private use is allowed, provided you do not use a flash. Video, including with a cellphone, requires permission from the staff. Visiting exhibitions often have their own guidelines regarding photography, so please check with a staff member for details. Tripods are not permitted in any of the galleries. Be sure to share your photos on social media and tag the Icon Museum and Study Center!

Ordering Images For Commercial Use: Photographic and digital images of objects from the Museum’s collection for commercial use can be obtained through the Registrar.

Ethics Statement

The Icon Museum and Study Center, a nonprofit educational entity and a responsible steward of the resources held in the public trust, is committed to public accountability and transparency in mission and operations. Through this statement on ethics, the Museum presents certain principles related to ethical conduct upon which it has operated in the past and upon which it will continue to operate in the future. This ethics statement reflects the highest standards of ethical and professional practices and endorses in principle the American Alliance of Museum’s (AAM) Code of Ethics for Museums adopted and revised in 2000, as well as the specific codes of professional disciplines represented at the Museum. You can read the full Museum ethics statement here.